Boom Beach Has Become A Hit!

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Today we will present to you a very short guide about how to get better in one of the best mobile games ever called Boom Beach. Before we start I want to mention that we will mostly talk about this game and later about tips for this great game. This should be great guide for all beginners in Boom beach! Boom Beach is really great and addictive strategy based mobile game created by gaming company from Finland called Supercell. You can find more about Boom Beach tips and tricks at: triche Boom Beach.

boom beach guide

If you never tried this game before, we should recommend it to you since it’s free to play and everyone can play it no matter of what! But do not play this game before you read short guide because you will die instantly and lose your precious time! All you need to do is to start new campaign and explore islands around you because they can hold big amounts of resources which is really important to use. Exploring is crucial part of this game, and it is really important in your early game! Be careful because on those islands around you can be a bases of other players which are probably stronger than you!

Which type of army do you like the most?

Making early army will help you to maintain your base stability and to block enemy attacks. For early defense you will need a lot of resources in order to make strong buildings and good army. Make various kinds of army don’t focus only on one since that can be really bad! Warriors and tanks can be really great for early game because they have a big amounts of damage and they are really cheap in the same time which is the best thing you could wish in early game! Don’t forget buildings they are more important than soldiers, and some of buildings can shoot enemies which is just great. Feel free to leave a feedback with your opinion on this short gaming guide, if feedbacks are positive we will make more of guides in a near future for you!

Review of popular mobile app – Snapchat!

Try something new and download Snapchat application!

Tired of your parents and grandparents from Facebook and other social networks? Tired of their old fashioned comments which can embarrass you? Today we will present to you the new and addicting mobile application which is not used by your family for sure! Today we will talk about one really great application called Snapchat or ! Snapchat is massaging application used mostly by teenagers and younger population. That’s why we think that this is great application for you. Snapchat is used to send pictures or video clips to chosen list of people. Best thing about Snapchat is that, pictures and videos are getting permanently deleted after only 10 seconds, amazing right? Now you will be finally free to send pictures and videos to your friends without having your family to comment on them! Snapchat is really great application and it’s easy to use.

snapchat trick

All you need to do is to download this little program and install it on your mobile device. After that you are ready to go, since all you need to do is to login and insert people from your phone book to Snapchat. After that you are ready and you can start sending “Snaps”. Snaps is term used instead of photos and videos. You can make a list of people that you want to send your snaps and you can also set a time range of how much this snap will be available for them to see it.

Secret Snapchat tricks that are really cool!

We will tell you one secret. Snaps can be viewed again after getting deleted. In order to do that you will need to enable option replay in your settings menu. After doing that you will be able to check all snaps that you have seen. There are various options which you have to try out. Today we will describe you just a few great tricks that you can use to increase quality of your snaps.

snapchat tutorial

You can activate great and cool features in your settings menu. Just go and visit settings, after that click option called “manage”. In this option you will be able to enable various cool things like: special text, replaying last snap, front camera flash and many more. These features will help you to increase quality of this great massaging program which has over 20 million of active users on daily basis. We really hope that this short snap chat guide helped you to choose this app over other massaging applications!

Facebook Mobile App Is Gaining Popularity

Facebook popularity in 2015

Have you ever wondered how did Facebook become so popular in today’s modern society? Facebook was originally made in late 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. His main usage was to be a little social network for his collage, but few months later other collages started using Facebook since it was so innovative and unique. People just loved it, that’s why one year later everyone could joined which was really great. Today, this social network has over 1,5 billion of active users.

facebook mobile

You have to admit it is just amazing right? Since it has that amount of users, we chose to share some useful information’s about it! So what makes people to visit this great social networking website every day? First of all Facebook is social network and that means it decreases feeling of isolation and loneliness. Whenever you are lonely you can always just visit Facebook and make something interesting to do. You can chat with friends or make a great posts, join groups, like someone’s pictures and posts. Social networking websites are helping us to find people which have same interests like we do.

Connecting with other people on Facebook

That’s why Facebook has so many groups where people can join and talk with other like-minded individuals. Also social networks are places where people can start their own business and find customers very easily. On Facebook you can always play some great game and have so much almost unlimited fun. Feel free to tryout some great games like: Zynga poker or Farmvile, they will just blow your mind and you will get addicted in a matter of seconds. Those are just few reasons why people call Facebook the number one social networking website. If you have active profile on Facebook network, than you already know how great this website is right? Feel free to share some useful info with us.